Please read to see how we are putting helath ans saftey measurments in place to protect staff and clients.

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How HI-FU are going to protect staff and clients from Covid19

All team member at HI-FU have been trained to keep up with the health and conditions once we reopen to the public.

All HI-FU Staff members have been given all essential defensive equipment and will be wearing this throughout the appointment. Things such as aprons, masks and gloves.

Treatment rooms will be disinfected and cleaned between every client, including waiting rooms and door handles.

A HI-FU team member will be calling you 24hrs before your appointment to take out a scovid19 symptom checker. If you have ANY symptoms of covid19 is it essential for your safety are the safety of our staff, you reschedule the appointment 14 days from the original appointment date.

Any questions on this please drop us an email or call us on 03300 100 378

When you come to your appointment, please arrive alone, to reduce risk we will not allow friends, family or children to go to appointments with you.

We will also ask to you wash your hands when you arrive at the appointment, as well as putting on a mask provided by one of the HI-FU team members.

We also have hand sanitiser bottles in the treatment room of you would like to use this throughout the appointments.

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email on our contact page HERE for nay further questions.